Concierge Director: Jonathan Berger
Patient: Andrew Mancuso
Patient age: 70
Admission date: 8/16/23
Admitted From: Saint Francis Hospital
Discharge date: 10/2/23
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 6 Weeks
Reason for stay: Rehab for Dorsalgia, cervical spine surgery, spinal stenosis, and hip replacement
How did the patient hear about Water’s Edge? Being from Coram, he knew about our community since he’s relatively local

Details of Experience:

Andrew Mancuso was admitted to Water’s Edge Rehab & Nursing at Port Jefferson on August 16th, 2023. He came to us from Saint Francis Hospital in Roslyn, NY. Andrew was admitted to Water’s Edge for multiple reasons. He had cervical spine surgery, which is a procedure that removes any structures compressing the nerves or the spinal cord in the neck. During his surgery, Andrew became unresponsive and was intubated, with successful extubation following. He developed nerve damage in his left shoulder, which hindered his ability to use the upper extremity. In addition, he had spinal stenosis and a hip replacement in the past, all of this…he was seeking physical therapy.

Andrew’s first impression of Water’s Edge was that of a positive one. He noted the warm and smiling faces of the staff and the bright, welcoming environment. Upon arriving, he met with the admitting nurse on the unit and the Director of Concierge Services, who was yet another friendly face. Next up was his therapist from the physical therapy department, who assessed him and reviewed his goals in rehab and how they would be achieved. In therapy, the goals set out for Andrew were the ability to perform and return to independence in all ADLs (activities of daily living), which are, but not limited to, bathing or showering oneself, dressing, getting in and out of bed or a chair without assistance, walking under one’s own power, using the restroom without help, and eating independently. Other goals that were established for Andrew in his recovery were to no longer require extensive assistance for self-care, transfers, and ambulation.

After being at Water’s Edge and participating in physical therapy on a daily basis with his therapist, Stephanie R., Andrew accomplished so much and made incredible strides. It can confidently be said that he reached his goals. Included in those achievements are that he regained functional use of his left upper extremities, and he could be discharged as independent for all self-care, transfers, and ambulation, along with the ADLs set forth from the start!

On October 2nd, 2023, Andrew could go back home and safely integrate back into his community and regular lifestyle. He was discharged with homecare referrals to assist with transitioning back into his community and continue receiving physical therapy services upon leaving Water’s Edge.

We are so proud of Andrew and all that he accomplished during his time with us, and we wish him nothing but the absolute best in his continued recovery and his journey with all that life has in store for him, in both the present and future!