Concierge Director: Trinity Bearden
Patient’s Age: 63
Admission Date: 10/14/2023
Discharge Date: 11/3/2023
Discharge To: Home
Reason For Stay: Wound care and therapy

Details of experience:

Mr. Derek Wright came to us from Ascension St. Thomas Rutherford. He was admitted to Manchester Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on 10/14/23 after being hospitalized due to a wound on his leg. His diagnosis included cellulitis of his right leg and sepsis.

Upon arrival at Manchester Center, Mr. Wright was met by many of our team members: Rehabilitation, Social Services, Concierge, and many more. He was eager to begin his therapy so he could go home and get back to his normal day-to-day life. On his first day, it was brought to our attention that he and the roommate he was placed with were not a good match. We quickly reassessed the situation and placed the patient with a roommate who was similar in age.

As Mr. Wright was first evaluated, he was very fearful at the thought of standing and walking. He could only walk five feet and needed assistance getting out of bed, walking, and dressing himself. After being assessed by the therapy team, they devised a plan of care that included therapeutic exercises, gait training therapy, and group therapeutic procedures. The main goal was to support the patient’s independence in dressing and walking. Within his three-week stay, we had him dress himself and walk without assistance.

“It was an awesome stay that helped me a lot. I can do things I couldn’t have done without their help. I have been in other facilities before, and this one felt like home.” – Derek Wright