Concierge: Luis Pontier Jr
Patient’s Age: 64 Years
Admission Date: 09/21/2023
Admitted From: Morristown Medical Center
Discharge Date: None
Length of Stay: 77 days
Reason for Stay: Right Femoral Shaft Fracture
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Social Worker at Morristown Medical Center

Details of Experience:

Vida is a cheerful soul to have around. Vida was first admitted to Morristown Medical Center due to a fall at home. She was diagnosed with a Femoral Shaft Fracture after noticing pain and getting tests done to rule out other options. Vida was sent to us by Morristown Medical Center on September 21st; and, from there, we became great friends.

Upon her admission, riding through the front doors on a stretcher, Vida was greeted by our nursing staff. She had a pleasant night as she was a late admission and was greeted the morning of by our Concierge. Vida was asked what kind of goals she had going forward, what she enjoys doing in her free time, and what some things are that she likes. She mentioned how she wanted to be able to go back home and live how she used to. One of the main things was being able to drink the tea that she loved to have every day, and with that, Luis brought her a few tea bags along with her welcome bag on behalf of Chatham Hills!

During her therapy, Vida could get herself moving around in her wheelchair freely. She also had on an immobilizer in order to properly recover. Every morning, Vida was at our hot water/coffee machine having a delightful conversation with everyone that would come by. When Vida was wheeling around, she would talk to anyone with a great, big smile eager to have a conversation. As her therapy progressed, she slowly started being able to get out of her wheelchair and walk a slight bit with a toe touch weight-bearing status on her affected leg.

Vida has been doing well at home, and says she will be back to visit and thank the staff for being so helpful. The entire team at Chatham Hills knew exactly who Vida was, and just about everyone has spoken to her.

Everyone worked tirelessly to make sure Vida was taken care of, and she will always be known at Chatham Hills!