Concierge: Ashley Valentin

Patient’s Age: 77 years old

Admission Date: 8/22/2023

Discharge Date: 12/1/2023

Discharged to: Home

Length of Stay: 100 days

Reason for Stay: Presented with bilateral lower extremity swelling

How did this patient hear about St. James? Had an excellent previous stay at St James


Details of Experience:

Ms. V went to the hospital for painful leg swelling. When the hospital told her that she needed inpatient therapy, she told them there was only one place she wanted to go; St. James. She was met by familiar faces greeting her and bringing her to her room. She also had the same team taking care of her needs. They were familiar with her, and she was familiar with them. She felt at ease that the same team was taking care of her.

When she met with occupational therapy, she needed to work on upper and lower body dressing, for which she needed at least 75 percent assistance. She also needed assistance toileting with two people for 75 percent assistance. With physical therapy, she needed 50 percent assistance transferring to a chair or wheelchair and walking 25 feet with 50 percent assistance with two people.

Patient requires skilled physical and occupational services to assess functional abilities, increase independence, to promote safety awareness, to improve dynamic balance, to enhance fall recovery abilities, to increase strength, minimize falls and decrease complaints of pain in order to enhance the patient’s quality of life by improving ability to safely return to private residence with reduced risk for falls

When Ms. V was getting ready for discharge, she met all her goals and surpassed them. Making her able to be modified independently with upper and lower body dressing and toileting. She is able to walk over 175 feet with a rolling walker and is able to transfer independently. She and her team were overjoyed that she could surpass her and their goals.

Ms. V stated that she and her care team made it happen. She also mentioned that it was very beneficial to her that there was usually some type of activity to do that always kept her busy. The art therapy was terrific, and so were the activities she did throughout her stay. She thanked everyone who helped her and kept her entertained.