Concierge Director: Yossi Mandelbaum
Patients Age: 92
Admission Date: 10/30/23
Admitted From: Downstate Hospital
Discharge Date: 1/4/24
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 months and 5 days
Reason for Stay: Cellulitis both legs
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? The Hospital recommended The Chateau

Details of experience:

Upon arrival, Jean was greeted by the Director of Concierge, Yossi Mandelbaum. Immediately, Jean realized he had made the correct decision to come to Chateau. Any time Jean had a question, the team at the Chateau made sure to take the time to go over any concerns. From the start to Jean’s last day, he was treated with respect, dignity, and the utmost professionalism.

During his stay, Jean made many new friends with the staff and other residents. One of Jean’s many highlights during his stay at The Chateau was going to the 6th floor (physical therapy floor). What made going up to the 6th floor Jean’s highlight was the constant encouragement and support from the entire rehab team. It felt as if he had just been spending time working out with his entire “family” there to support him whenever he needed it. Whenever Jean needed something, the nurses and CNAs made sure to take care of him and always with a smile while doing so. Not only did Jean receive top-tier nursing and rehabilitation, but he also had the comfort of security. When Jean asked if he had to single out his best highlight, he responded, “My entire experience.” From getting dressed in the morning to participating in the recreational activities to the nursing team addressing any of his concerns, Jean knew that the Chateau was indeed one of a kind. Jean’s stay here at the Chateau was a five-star experience, just like that of staying in a luxury hotel.

One of the critical differences that Jean commented on was when he compared hospitals to the Chateau. “Here at the Chateau, there is so much care, love, and hospitality that you literally feel as if you have lived here your entire life.” Immediately following this statement, Jean began to give special thanks to specific team members who made his experience as amazing as it was. Jean would like to thank Nurse May, Nurse Russ, supervising nurse Sophia, and CNA Ms. June for always caring for him. On top of receiving the best quality rehab, Jean always had fun doing various activities with the recreation team. Brianna from the recreation team was always so energetic. Every day, she ensured that everyone on the floor enjoyed the daily activities. During Jean’s stay, he became close with his nurses, physical therapists, and everyone in the building. This was evident because everyone knew Jean, and it was as if they had been friends since they were kids.

During Jean’s final days, he reflected on how professional and amazing the social work team is. They kept Jean updated on everything going on and ensured he was ready and confident about his departure from the Chateau. Jean stated, “At the Chateau, you could close your eyes and relax; everything you need will be taken care of.” Jean told everyone he would tell his friends and family that the Chateau was the best place on earth. Here at the Chateau, we wish Jean the best and are so happy that we were able to help him on his journey to recovery. Jean will always be welcomed here at the Chateau, and we can’t wait to see him when he comes back to visit.

As Jean began to prepare for his departure, he ended with a final statement; “The Chateau really is Marvelous.”