Concierge Name: Laura St.Louis
Patients Name: Curtis Pinkston
Patient’s Age: 70 Years Old
Admission Date: 10/03/2023
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/19/2023
Length of Stay: 2 weeks, one day
Reason for Stay: Discharged from GSH to receive Physical Therapy and round-the-clock care
How did this patient hear about The Willows at Ramapo: Prior resident

Curtis was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital due to an injury to his knee and shoulder. After a brief stay, Curtis transitioned into our community at The Willows of Ramapo to receive Physical Therapy with our amazing Rehabilitation Department.

Curtis stated that his transition from GSH to The Willows at Ramapo was quick, and the travel was excellent with no problem. Curtis also emphasized that the distance from his family was close by, and it made it easier to receive extra clothes. Curtis had the pleasure of meeting his team, consisting of the Concierge, Head Nurse, Physician, PT, Dietician, LPN and CNA. Curtis complimented every staff member and was recuperating beautifully. He adjusted well to the environment and met his team in PT, who spoke with him about his goals, which he needed to achieve before discharge. His identified goals would help him improve his ability towards enhanced mobility and movement, balance, and fall prevention.

Curtis worked his way up from doing PT/OT in a wheelchair to using a walker and independently made strides and movements on his own. As his strength gradually progressed, so did his will to walk out of our community upon discharge. Curtis always had amazing feedback regarding our staff. He said his determination to walk out of the Willows was so that he could attend The Hall of Fame Ceremony at Spring Valley High School on 10/20. Curtis worked hard and got a discharge date for the day before the event. Curtis was extremely appreciative of all the hard work the staff put forth to make his recovery smoother.

Before discharge, Curtis was extremely thankful that our staff could assist him in gaining the mobility he needed to walk out of The Willows. Curtis always said the biggest highlight of his day was going to Rehab and building his strength. Curtis used the fast-approaching ceremony as motivation; he didn’t let it hold him back but allowed him to keep fighting with the team’s strong support.

Curtis, your strength and willpower and allowing your team here at The Willows at Ramapo to assist you in your recovery time has been a pleasure. Thank you for allowing me to be your Concierge at The Willows at Ramapo.