Concierge: Misty Billingsley
Patient Name: Joyce Okken
Patient Age: 87
Admission Date: 12/8/2023
From: Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/22/2023
Discharge Location: Home
Length of Stay: 12 days
Reason for Stay: Fracture of the sternum, bilateral fractures of ribs

Details of Experience:

Ms. Okken was admitted to Lebanon Center for Rehab from Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital on Friday, December 8, 2023. During her stay at the hospital, she was treated for a fracture of her sternum and bilateral rib fractures which were caused by a ground-level fall at her home. These injuries caused her a great deal of pain and affected her mobility quite a bit. Prior to her fall Ms. Okken lived with her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. She was able to perform all of her ADLs independently.

Upon her arrival at Lebanon Center, she was met by our nursing staff who gathered all the necessary information and made sure that she had everything she needed for her first night in our community. She was then met by the concierge who found that while Ms. Okken was in a great deal of pain, she was very determined to work with our physical therapy department to get back home to her family and to be able to return to her previous level of functioning.

At her first meeting with Physical Therapy, Mrs. Okken required maximum assistance in most areas including bed mobility, sitting to stand, and walking. The injuries she sustained in her fall caused her quite a bit of pain and instability which made it difficult for her to perform these tasks, however, she continued to work with staff to improve every day.

While in the community Mrs. Okken enjoyed many of the activities such as Bingo and making arts and crafts. She made a great deal of progress with her physical therapy each day and made great strides toward her goals. At her discharge from physical therapy, she was noted to have gone from maximum assistance to minimum assistance and where she could ambulate less than 150 feet with the use of her rollator walker, she was now able to walk more than 350 feet.

With her physical therapy goals met Ms. Okken was able to discharge home at her previous level of functioning in time to enjoy the Holidays with her family. We at Lebanon Center appreciate that she chose us to help her in her recovery.