Concierge: Kay Weir
Patient: William Hall
Patient Age: 91 Years
Admission Date: 10/19/2023
Discharge Date: 3/10/2024
Discharged To: Hearthside Senior Living
Length of Stay: 145 days
Admitted From: Vanderbilt Wilson Medical Center
Reason for Stay: Bowel Obstruction, Multiple Sclerosis, GERD, Depression, Chronic Back Pain
How did the patient hear about the Quality Center Referred by Dr. Nejia Kubilay

Details of Experience:

Mr. Dale Hall arrived at the Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on October 19, 2023, after a previous stay at Vanderbilt Wilson Medical Center. He was treated by a team of physicians, including Dr. Joseph Ball, MD; Dr. Joshua Maxwell, MD; and Dr.Keyan Peterson, MD. Lebanon’s clinical team and Alive Hospice felt Mr. Hall needed long-term care, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. Mr. Hall was admitted to Quality and presented with congestive heart failure, muscle weakness, and abnormalities of gait and mobility. Hospice care was initiated due to a decline in his health and recurring falls, resulting in a subdural hematoma.

Upon Mr. Hall’s arrival, he was greeted by several members of our professional team. Within his first 24 hours, he met with our clinicians, therapists, physicians, administrative staff, and other members of our team, who welcomed him to the community. The Director of Concierge, Kay Weir, greeted him and presented Mr. Hall with a CareRite welcome bag. While explaining her role of being the liaison between residents and families, Mr. William shared he has been in hospice for six weeks and wanted to give up some days. After six weeks of being in the care of hospice, an improvement was noted in his function and cognition. Hospice requested therapy to evaluate him and treat him with four visits. Mr. Hall did surprisingly well in his therapy, and hospice was revoked.

Mr. Hall was revisited on January 5th by Physical Therapy to assess his current function and see if he could return to assisted living. During his evaluation, Mr. Hall was able to transfer from his bed to his wheelchair with moderate assist. He ambulated 40 feet with a rollator and needed contact guard assist, with a score of 13/18 on his balance. The Occupational Therapist evaluated on 1/10, and the patient was moderate assist with all his activities of daily living.

Goals were set, and Mr. Hall worked extremely hard to reach them. Our therapy clinician was happy to work with him on achieving his goals. He made incredible progress while working out in the gym.

Upon discharge, Mr. Hall could independently transfer from bed to chair. He could go from supine in bed to standing up and walking to the main entrance of our building in three and a half minutes. His walking distance increased to 350 feet with his rollator. He could complete all of his daily living activities under supervision. Mr. Hall returned to Hearthside Senior Living Center on March 12, 2024. Mr. Hall shared, “I am very thankful to the amazing therapy team for working with me to achieve my goals and all the staff at Quality for the hard work and dedication of the entire team.”