Concierge: Dominic DiLieto
Patient: Richard Judson
Patient age: 66
Admitted: March 7th, 2024
Admitted from: Vassar Brothers Medical Center
Discharge Date:TBD
Length of stay: 3 weeks (24 days as of now)
Reason for stay: Rehabilitation following a stroke

Details of experience:

Earlier in March, Mr. Richard Judson joined our community as a short-term resident in our Essex Unit. As this is being written, Mr. Judson has only been with us for three weeks. Although it may not seem like he has been with us for too long, he has left quite a mark on the staff here at The Paramount. When asked by other Paramount staff members about their interactions and time with him, they were not shy to share some experiences they have had with him during his short time here.

Richard is a farmer a little way upstate, running his family farm that has been in his family since the 18th century. Earlier this year, after working all morning with one of his sons, Richard suffered a stroke, which led to his being rushed to Vassar Brothers Medical Center. Richard spent the next six weeks there recovering from the event. Once he had rested and gained back some of his strength, he was transferred straight to our community to continue his rehabilitation journey.

At the time of his arrival, Mr. Judson had been using a trach put into place, as well as a feeding tube. He had been downgraded to thickened consistency liquids and texture foods. He had also sustained ankle injuries on both his ankles before joining our community, which would delay the start of his rehabilitation nearly a whole week. Once Richard had started his rehabilitation, he was a two-person-dependent assist and on six liters of oxygen per minute.

Two weeks following his admission, Richard and our team had a care plan meeting. Richard’s primary therapists, Pooja, Rebecca, and Yulia, said that during the meeting, Richard had voiced his feeling that he should be ‘putting more effort into his recovery’. His two therapists felt this was shocking and reassured Richard that the progress he had made in the short time he had been here was incredible. When speaking of his journey, Richard could not forget to thank his wife of almost 40 years, Pamela. Richard said that since being in the hospital and at The Paramount, Pamela has not missed a single day of being at his bedside or in therapy with him and added that most of his improvement is thanks to her and her efforts.

After two weeks, Richard was walking 60 feet with no assistance and climbing stairs. He had been off oxygen completely and gained 20 lbs of weight back. He had been upgraded back to a thin-liquid consistency, returned to his regular diet, and planned on having his trach and feeding tube removed the following week. The therapists were quick to assure Richard that his progress was nothing short of spectacular. Pooja, Rebecca, and Yulia also added that this behavior is not uncommon with Richard.

When he was first admitted, Richard had told them he planned on walking in a week, but sure enough, he was. Richard said his goal is to walk well enough to make it all the way down to the pond on the other side of the property, starting from his room, and catch a fish. Though his therapists will continue working with him and guide his rehabilitation journey so he can walk down to the pond, we cannot promise him catching any fish in the pond. But of course, Mr. Judson is going to try.

All of us at The Paramount wish him nothing but the best of luck throughout the rest of his rehabilitation journey and the best of luck to catch that fish.