Director Of Concierge: Alexander Jones
Patient’s Name: Jeffery McLean
Patient’s Age: 47
Admission Date: 6/15/2022
Admitted from: Summit Hospital
Discharge Date: 2/23/2024
Discharged To: Home
Length of stay: 20 months
Reason for Stay: Continued care and rehabilitation from stroke
How did this patient hear about our community: Social Services at Summit Hospital

Details of experience:

Jeffery McLean, a proud native of Nashville, Tennessee, suffered a series of strokes ten days apart. Those unfortunate health episodes landed Mr. McLean in Summit Hospital, unable to use his right side due to neuropathy, pain that occurs more when sensations in the brain are reduced. Mr. McLean described his early stages of pain as stabbing, burning, and some numbness on the surface of his skin. He further explained that this was one of the scariest yet most humbling experiences he had ever encountered.

Once Mr. McLean was discharged from the hospital, he was transported to the Trevecca community via ambulette. When he arrived, he was greeted by our front desk receptionist, admissions nurse, and unit manager. The following day of Mr. McLean’s stay, he met the entire interdisciplinary team, which mapped out his plan of action, from his rehabilitation with therapy to his meals with dietary. Most of Mr. McLean’s earlier care with our team was in room one-on-one treatment to gain mobility in his limbs, a goal that was met within six to eight months.

Therapy set realistic benchmarks for Mr. McLean each month once he regained his strength. Next on his agenda was operating a wheelchair. That task went from assisted to independent within another four to five months. Next on his list of tasks was ambulating and transferring, which he seemed to be doing before it was actually a benchmark of therapies. Then came the big one, which was walking, and that was and still is a continuous journey of his.

Mr. McLean, with the help of our amazing team, walked out of the doors he rolled in on via stretcher with the help of a walker. He was very happy and appreciative of the hard work and care that was rendered to him during a tough time in his life. Now, Mr. McLean is living independently in a high rise in the Nashville area, and we wish him the very best of health.