Concierge: Destini Hammond
Patient’s Name: Joyce Tedeschi
Patient’s Age: 74 years old
Admission Date: 1/3/2024
Admitted From: Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 2/21/2024
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: Month
Reason for Stay: Rehab
How did this patient hear about The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? The hospital referred this patient

Details of experience:
When Joyce Tedeschi came to the community after a bad fall, she couldn’t move. She was immobile. Joyce had a terrible fall in her shower, which led to her right hip fracture. Joyce lay on the bathroom floor in agony, calling for help. After desperately pleading for help for hours, Joyce bravely crawled on her floor to get help. She quickly grabbed her broomstick and hit the metal legs of her kitchen chair so her neighbors could hear her. Minutes passed by, and her neighbor came in and called the ambulance. After her hospital stay, Joyce came to the Encore at Boca Raton. Within the first 48 hours, she met Leah, a speech therapist. Joyce was so scared to eat food in the hospital and only ate baby food.

She had a fear of choking on her food. With the help of her speech therapist, Leah, Joyce passed the swallowing tests with Leah’s encouragement. Then she met Robinson, the Occupational Therapist. She was in tears and told Robinson, “I’ll be crippled for the rest of my life.” Robinson assured her that she’d be okay and able to walk again. Joyce stated that Robinson was calm, soft-spoken, listens, and understands her. Robinson told her to hold his hand and that we will work together. When he wheeled her to the gym, she was nervous, but Robinson assured her she’d be okay. Joyce slowly began to trust Robinson. Joyce was negative in the beginning. She kept refusing therapy, and every day, Robinson told her he’d be back for her. He came back and never left Joyce’s side. She had no family support, but Robinson believed in her. Joyce would hold Robinson’s hand and stand. She can get anywhere, stand, sit in a chair, walk with and without a walker. Robinson told Joyce, “You can do anything if you put your mind to it; don’t be afraid.”

This patient will be discharged home with DME equipment, a walker, and a shower chair. Joyce shared the impactful story of her rehab journey. We wish her nothing but the best.