Concierge Director: Melissa Peterkin
Patient Age: 63
Admission Date: 11/22/2023
Admitted from: Northwell Health
Discharge date: 03/01/2024
Length of stay: 100 Days
How did this patient hear about The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? Research, reviews, and doctors at the hospital
Reason for stay: Difficulty in walking and muscle weakness


Details of experience:

Ms. Welch was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on November 22nd, 2023, from Northwell Health, where she was initially admitted for cellulitis and wounds.

During her first 24 hours, Ms. Welch shared that her transition went smoothly, and was pleased by the community’s appearance. On the patient’s first day, she was greeted by several of our multidisciplinary team, including Nursing, who assessed her shortly after arrival, and the Concierge, who greeted her with open arms and a welcome gift to put her more at ease to begin her journey to renewal. Shortly after, our therapy team met with her to assess and discuss a care plan for sessions, which made her feel very excited to begin making progress.

During the first week, Ms. Welch grew very comfortable with the staff. On the days she finished her therapy sessions early, she began engaging in recreational activities such as sewing and knitting. She also spent time in the rec room meeting new people with similar conditions. Throughout her therapy journey, the team provided therapy five days a week. In the beginning, they started her off with ROM exercises within the comfort of her room and slowly began small laps in the hallway before setting a regular schedule for full gym sessions.

Her goal was to ambulate more than five feet without feeling pain. Before beginning therapy, Ms. Welch was only able to ambulate with the help of a walker approximately five feet. She needed maximum assistance to ambulate from one point to another, making her a fall risk. This caused her to ambulate using a wheelchair for the periods that she was not engaging in therapy. However, she was given to engage independently during her daily therapy sessions and small exercises. She showed significant improvement by supporting her balance and mobility distance, and the nursing team helped with pain management.

During the last week at The Phoenix, Ms. Welch was excited to transition back into the community to reconnect with her grandchildren and now catch up with their every move. However, she shared that she met a lot of friendly staff that she can call a friend, and she will miss the events that our recreation team puts together to get patients out of their rooms to engage in bonding exercises. Lastly, our Social Work team and Therapist began preparing for a safe discharge, ensuring that home equipment was in place and extra assistance with home care. Ms. Welch can now ambulate over 250 feet with minimal to no assistance using a cane and is improving daily.

The Phoenix team wishes Ms. Welch all the best, thanks her for her service as an emergency operator, and thanks her for choosing us to be part of her therapy journey!